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Mar 18 2010, 7:30 AM EDT | Post edited: Mar 18 2010, 7:30 AM EDT
Twilight needs to learn that one of the keys to a successful movie is timing. I mean having New Moon come out almost exactly a year after Twilight then Eclipse not EVEN a year after New Moon. It's like eating out. When you order the apetizer you don't want the main course to come out a minute after because you want to have time to enjoy the apetizer. Otherwise the main course will just get cold because you're still working on the apetizer. It's better to be in wait for the main course so that you'll have time to digest the apetizer and make room for the main course that you are starving of. In this case, Twilight is the apetizer and New Moon is the main course...and Eclipse is the desert, which you also want to come out later. If you have the apetizer, main course and desrt come out at the same time guess what will happen...YOU'LL GET SICK! And yes i do know what i am talking about. I am an ameture film maker, film teacher, and film critic. I'm also not saying Twilight sucked. It was a decent movie, but given such a short time until deadline, New Moon suffored, therefore so will Eclipse. Do you find this valuable?    
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