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  • Songs for Breaking Dawn?? Wondering what everyone here thinks about the music for the film? Any suggestions for the soundtrack? I personally loved the power of the Twilight soundtrack, but I'm also a big Muse and Paramore fan!
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    Posted: Jan 20 2011, 3:58 PM EST by jessfr80
  • Songs I know that go with Twilight Saga Like...
    1. Blackout - heidi Montag
    2.Caught up in you - Cassi Thomson
    3.Whatever you like - T.I
    4. It's your love - Tim mcgraw and Faith hill
    5.I'll be loveing you long time - Mariah Carey ft. T.I
    6. Killa - Cherish
    7. Never to late - Three Days grace
    8. When you look me in the eyes - jonas brothers
    9. With love - Hilary diff
    10. Rainy Day - janel parrish
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    Posted: Jul 23 2009, 11:53 PM EDT by broke#62
  • twilight script part 23 “Ever” Bella asked
    “No not at all” Edward said
    “Ok, you have so much music, what are you listing to” Bella said
    (Clicks play, Clair de Lune starts playing)
    “It’s a double CD” Edward said
    “Clair De Lune is great” Bella said
    (They start dancing)
    “What?” Edward asked
    “I can’t dance” Bella said
    “Well I could always make you,” Edward said
    “I’m not scared of you” Bella said
    “You really shouldn’t have said that, hang on spider monkey, do you trust me?” Edward asked
    (Edward throws her over her shoulder runs out the door goes on tree, Edward runs up tree Bella lullaby by Carter Burwell starts playing)
    “In theory” Bella said
    “Then close your eyes, what?” Edward asked
    (Jumps to a different tree, at top of tree Bella is shocked)
    “This isn’t real this kind of stuff just doesn’t exist” Bella said
    “It dose in my world” Edward said
    (They climb up tree, in black smoky room Edward plays piano, see Victoria James and Lorient running, Charlie and other police with dogs, Victoria makes footprint to lead them east, at school)
    “Arizona, yo whats happing? You and Cullen huh? I don’t like it, I don’t know, its just he looks at you like your something to eat” Mike said
    (At restaurant)
    “I got to go, sorry I’m late, biology project” Bella said
    “I ordered you the spinach salad its ok” Charlie said
    “You should order yourself one next time cut down on the stalk” Bella said
    “Hay I’m as healthy as a hoarse” Charlie said
    What ever you say chief” Bella said
    “The boys want to know did you find any thing down at creates river today?” waitress asked
    (Old guys look at Charlie)
    “We found a bare human foot print, but it looks like who ever that is there heading east, so the up town count sheriff is going to take over from here” Charlie said
    “Okay” Waitress said
    “Okay” Charlie said
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    Posted: Jan 23 2009, 12:48 PM EST by TeamSwitzerland
  • New Moon - Music / Scene Association Book/Movie I was just thinking about the New Moon movie, does anyone have any music that they picture going with a particular scene.

    For example, i can imagine 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill playing in the background while Bella runs through the city of Volterra, Italy trying to save Edward.
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    Posted: Feb 4 2009, 12:18 PM EST by Ouroborus
  • Super Massive Black Hole I love the beat to Super Massive Black Hole! It's really cool..but i don't know about the singers voice.
    Other than that, it's all good! =]
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    Posted: Dec 13 2008, 6:22 AM EST by S3CR3Tx0
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