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Warning: this section contains spoilers for Twilight Breaking Dawn. Read only if you are ready to know more.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Spoilers

  • Bella and Edward get married
  • Their honeymoon is interupted when Bella discovers she is pregnant
  • As she progresses with the baby, she gets very weak
  • As she is giving birth, Edward gives bella a shot in heart with his venom, to save her life
  • She becomes a vampire
  • They both give birth to a daughter, Renesmee
  • for a her b-day the Cullens give Bella and Edward a nice little cottage
  • A vampire sees the child with Bella and believes it is an immortal child which is illegal for vampires
  • The Cullen's and a vampire witness must confront the Volturi and convince them that Renesmee is not immortal
  • The Volturi dose NOT attack
Renesmee actually is immortal. She is like the half human half vampire Nahuel that Alice brought back. Take it from a girl who has read the series 200 times now: me. oh yeah, and on the third spoiler, bella does so NOT progress with the baby and edward doesn't bite her, he injects it into her heart with a steel syringe. also, the 8th spoiler is wrong. irina only sees renesmee when she and jacob r hunting in the woods. she didn't witness the birth. the last spoiler is half true, half false. the volturi DO come, but they don't attack. better change those spoilers! oh yeah, and i LOVE the pics they're AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Yeah, and also, you missed out the part about Bella's new weapon ;) She has a shield, and she can project it out to protect others... By the way, I'm a different person from the person above :) i love twilighttttt x

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