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Emmett Cullen

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Portrayed by Kellan Lutz
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Emmett's full name is Emmett McCarty Cullen, he was born in 1915 in Tennessee. He was changed in 1935, at the age of 20- twoRosalie and Emmett years after Rosalie.

Emmett was out hunting in the mountains, when he was mauled by a bear. He almost died, but Rosalie found him; when he saw Rosalie he thought that he had already died and that she was an angel. Rosalie carried Emmett over 100 miles to Carlisle because she was afraid to change him herself because she hadn't come over her blood lust, and she really wanted him to live. He couldn't understand why heaven would be so painful, so he thought that he was in hell, but he couldn't understand what an angel was doing in hell.

After Emmett was told about becoming a vampire he didn't mind at all, he said, "If Carlisle and Rosalie,my angel, are vampires, how bad could it be?" Even so he has broken the rules several times and has tasted human blood.

Rosalie and Emmett have been married many times, mostly for show. Emmett will do anything for Rosalie and they have often lived away from the Cullens as a couple.

Emmett Cullen - Twilight Movie

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