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Hello, my name is Chelsea Pelkey
Me.. chelsea pelkey
Occupation: I do not have one, but I do wish to become a writer or an artist
Home town: I was born in Detroit MI
: I am resididing in Flint MI
Astrological sign: Caprocorn


I joined this wiki because:
I felt like it
The best word to describe me is:
I like to Draw, I like to Play football and baseball. I also Write poems and stories, and a lot of my poems are for my boyfriend Patrick, I like to draw a lot here is an example of suchAryan the protector

My Knight and Prince of Light
I’m left here to fend for myself,
Please tell me what am I to do,
Please tell me what I should do,
I need my beloved here with me,
But I wish not to worry him,
I love him to much to tell him how and why I feel so depressed,
Now I am slowly falling into my old darkness,
But a hand is there to stop me,
It is the hand of light… my light,
My beloved has come to my aid,
My Prince,
My Knight in shining armor,
My true love has come to save me from this terrible thing,
He has taken me from my Darkness,
He is my most beloved Prince of Light,
A messenger of God,
Come to save me,
And love me as I love him for the rest of our forever lives.

By: Chelsea M. Pelkey
For: Patrick Richmond
Favorite movies
My favorite movie would have to be Hellsing, Twilight was a good movie but i could tell you many difference that were in the book but not in the movie, but i still liked it
Favorite TV shows:

My favorite TV show is Naruto
My hero(es):
I really don't have a hero, i have cut myself off from the world to long to have found one yet
My superpower is:
I am telling you the truth when i say that sometimes i have dreams and then it happens. i do not controll when it happens cause it just does
If I could live anywhere, it would be:
With my boyfriend in West Virgina
My dream job(s):
My dream job is to become a great comic book writer/artist and to become a famous athour
What else you should know about me:

New Moon Review
Current mood:home - Twilight Moviedisappointed
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities
My opinion, of New Moon is that it was nothing like I had imagined, I'm a very imagnitve person, and when a story that i can picture completely in my head is nothing like that on the Big screen, it annoys me. With the little children behind me kicking my chair. It was o.k. but not what i had been hoping for, I was hoping for the plot of the story to be the same as the movie but it was nothing like i had hoped for. I'm very dissapointed in the directors, you screwed up the whole plot of the story, there are many crusal parts that were either tamperd with or just plain left out, I'm even more dissapointed in the writer, you knew what they were doing, you should have went over their script. I was even more dissapointed in the Twilight saga fans, you say your such big fans? Well guess what? You should have noticed all the signifigent difference between the movie and the book. There were so many different parts that were changed and the one part where Bella was cliff diving for adrenaline, all her selfconsiouns (Edward illusion) said, "Don't do this!" and she jumped in, and he just stared at her, when he was supposed to say so many important things to her. IT WAS THE WHOLE POINT DUMBYS. So next don't mess up.

By: Chelsea M. Pelkey
For: The twilight people

home - Twilight Movie

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Current mood:home - Twilight Movieaccomplished
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities
I have just seen the new Twilight saga movie Eclipse. I thought it was just a little better than New moon. The actors and actresses have been getting a little better. Robert Patterson needs to show a little more emotion in his acting, from the movie "Remember me" to the twilight movies. IF he would just let himself go and be one with the character he is acting as he would become a great actor. Also, Kristen Stewart should try a little more facial expressions. Her face is built for more then just the sad lost look. She is constantly looking sad, even when she is happy. Other than a few minor differences from the book in the movie, it was just fine. I might have actually liked it if I had slept that night before. Hopefully you all will give me your thoughts on this movie.

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